Startling news from Telstra Health regarding its Aged Care Software!

Telstra Health made a startling announcement in October 2022! Telstra Health will cease investment, development, and support for Home Care Manager, ComCareThe Care Manager (TCM), and Community Connect products.

This is startling and disappointing news for many aged and disability providers across Australia! The software will be discontinued as follows (based on the latest information available to Emergent):

  • Home Care Manager (HCM) will be discontinued from March 2024
  • ComCare and TCM will be discontinued from March 2024
  • Community Connect will be discontinued from September 2023

There must be hundreds of providers who are massively inconvenienced by this news.

We are particularly shocked that Community Connect software will be discontinued. Community Connect was developed from the ground up by Telstra Health (to the best of my knowledge). However, it will be discontinued from approximately September 2024.

Providers now must find alternative software at the same time as many other providers. Even if they find a solution quickly, they will also need to:

  • Sign the contract and statement of work
  • Configure the software
  • Migrate data
  • Train staff
  • Manage implementation
  • Embed the change
  • Realise business benefits

This will take time!

The search much start now! Importantly, the strongest vendors report that they are inundated with queries and struggling to meet the demand. It will be critical to start preparing to transition to suitable software ASAP before the best software vendors are swamped with enquiries and projects (if that isn’t happening already).

Emergent is helping Telstra Health customers find the right software, negotiate on price, migrate the data, manage training and change, and maximise benefits from the software.

We would love to help many more providers move to superior software.

There are many excellent software solutions available. However, it’s often difficult to know which software is right for an organisation. Because the Emergent team is so adept at understanding requirements, has an excellent grasp of software available, and has productive relationships with vendors – we can help each provider find and implement software as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Emergent Consulting team can help you to navigate your business through change. Our talented and committed team provide all the support services you’ll ever need to make a smooth transition with Business Strategy, Technology Strategy, Technology Implementation, Business Intelligence, Change Management, Project Management, Customer Experience Transformation, and Continuous Improvement. We have a good knowledge of over 50 software solutions relevant to the industry.

Don’t hesitate to speak with us if we can assist you in any way. You can easily book a meeting below.

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