Technology Strategy Adelaide - Numerous software technologies are typically essential for the typical organisation. Without a holistic understanding of the software in place, their respective levels of integration, and maturity, it will be difficult for an organisation to develop an effective technology strategy and roadmap.
Digital transformation is becoming more important as disruption increases and other market forces impact. Several studies have shown:
Strategic Planning

For organisations that don’t need to undertake digital transformation, technology still plays a critical role in ensuring efficiency, staff satisfaction, and increasing their competitive advantage.

In a recent study by Gartner, “Sixty percent of workers said new software had occasionally or frequently frustrated them within the past 24 months, according to a new survey by Gartner, Inc. In fact, 56% of users said new software had made them wish management would bring the old system back.”

Consequently, taking a strategic approach to implementing and aligning technology is critical for most businesses.
Whether implementing new software or streamlining existing technology, an effective technology strategy will ensure the appropriate prioritisation and timeframes.

Emergent engages with a cross-section of staff to understand the complete technology landscape, integrations between the systems, maturity levels, and pain points. Based upon the technology landscape and input from stakeholders, we determine the best technology strategy and subsequently gain buy-in from all stakeholders before initiating a range of initiatives and projects to improve how effectively technology supports the organisation.

Challenges you can face
Without a holistic approach to technology strategy, you can face a combination of the following challenges:
  • The technology landscape is not understood
  • Technology project prioritisation is influenced by a select few
  • Technology projects are sequenced ineffectively, and projects become unnecessarily complex
  • Selection of inappropriate software
  • System integration is never prioritised
  • User satisfaction with systems is too low
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Emergent’s team has worked across many industries, and has been exposed to a very diverse range of challenges.

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