Continuous Improvement Adelaide - Lean is a universal management tool that can have a positive impact on any company’s performance, whether you run a PR company, produce high-tech software or run a service business in the aged care industry. Lean focuses on the entire business – not just the manufacturing of a product – so it doesn’t matter whether your business has a physical product or not.

Unlike other management systems, Lean improves the entire value stream and not just an isolated point in the chain. This makes it easily replicable between business types.

Core Systems Replacement

Implementing Lean requires a long-term perspective. It won’t happen overnight, but is achieved by a rigorous feedback cycle of constant improvement. The goal is to reach zero waste in the company and in turn achieve maximum customer value.

Over time this continual refinement of processes will:

  • Eliminate bottlenecks and interruptions
  • Increase speed without sacrificing quality
  • Simplify information management so problems are more easily removed
  • Smooth the process to remove any unwanted waste, while increasing your employees’ sense of value
  • Ensure continuous improvement

It’s important every employee feels valuable to ensure they take ownership, as this enables the process to work from the ground up. The term continuous improvement almost seems too simple, but this industry buzzword is about continually improving your business, processes, and ways of working. The reality is that it gets more complicated as you go: constantly studying, planning, implementing and evolving the improvement as it happens.

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Increase in revenue

Emergent encourages a philosophy of constant, logical, and sustainable improvement throughout your organisation. This allows continuous improvement to move beyond a slogan, to become part of your company DNA. We employ methods for continuous improvement designed to achieve results for our clients, and often at a fraction of the cost of undertaking large-scale projects.

Continuous improvement is a technique to streamline workflows. The Lean way of working promotes efficiency and saves time and money, allowing you to reduce waste and better allocate resources and the Emergent team can show you how it will benefit your organisation.

Continuous improvement Adelaide. The Benefits

  • Reduced time before benefits are delivered
  • Minimise waste = cost reduction
  • Maximise customer value and satisfaction
  • Better morale
  • Increased motivation
Challenges you can face
  • Ongoing problems with Systems and Technology which continue despite efforts
  • Problems meeting deadlines
  • Workforce attrition
  • Difficulty differentiating your organisation in the market
  • Poor customer experience
  • Insufficient profitability
  • Inadequate visibility and transparency in the organisation

We can walk with you along the way, analysing each department, process, technology and team following Lean methodologies to bring valuable knowledge to the table.

The team can help you implement all recommendations and stay with you on the way to your success.

Emergent’s team has worked across industries including aged & community care, education, banking, financial services, mining, oil and gas, professional services, and government and is equipped with the skills to help you plan and develop the best strategy for your organisation.

We can be engaged as independent consultants via any of the models below:

  • Manage and deliver the project
  • Deliver specific stages of the project
  • Independent advisory (flexible hours)
  • Speak with us about your requirements and the way you would like to work with us.
Models for Engaging Emergent Consulting
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