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Confronting statistics highlight the importance of effective change management. Global consulting firm BCG reports:

  • 75% of transformation efforts don’t deliver the hoped-for results (BCG, 2020).
  • Of 2,000+ managers, 47% reported that in order to survive, they needed to reinvent their business every three years or less (Harvard Business Review, 2018).

Change will be much more successful if stakeholders are engaged effectively, the vision is realistic, and execution is effective and fit-for-purpose.

Emergent has developed the Delivery Framework™ which ensures a clear vision, and is designed to engage stakeholders from the outset.

25 percent

Transformation efforts which
deliver hoped-for results (BDC)

47 percent

Managers that think businesses need
to reinvent every 3 years (HBR)

Change Management Adelaide. Challenges you can face

Change Management Adelaide - Whether implementing new software, enhancing customer experience, improving business processes or implementing other changes; change management is central to success.

The challenges that you might face include:

  • Resistance from staff, customers, and other stakeholders
  • Complexity and risk are too great
  • Project delays
  • Budget blowouts
  • Anticipated benefits aren’t delivered
  • Project failure
  • Ongoing engagement issues after go-live
Our Experience

By working in collaboration, we can implement change effectively, on time, within budget, and ensure stakeholders engage positively with changes.

Emergent’s team has worked across industries including aged & community care, education, banking, financial services, mining, oil and gas, professional services, and government.

We have technology experience across: Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Care Systems, Rostering & Service Delivery, Customer Portals, Staff Portals, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Content Management, Operations Management, Integration.

Successful Change

We can support successful change, with the following stages:



Having a clear vision and strategy determines a project’s success. A clear vision should encompass the aspects which will be valued by all relevant stakeholder groups, and expressed in terms which are meaningful and achievable.

Important activities include:

  • Consultation of staff and customers to determine what is important and valued by them
  • Crystallisation of the priorities and issues which need to be addressed
  • Vision definition, communication, and evolution based on stakeholder feedback
  • Executive endorsement and buy-in
  • Ongoing stakeholder engagement

We often find that the customer experience plays an important part at this stage. Find out more by clicking the button below.

With an endorsed vision, project planning can commence in earnest - and stakeholders engaged.

It is crucial at this point to provide appropriate definitions around the project, and they’re relevant to each cross-section of stakeholders. As each group will have differing levels of interest and bandwidth for the project, its critical any communication and engagement is tailored to each one.

As the core team is formed, the change strategy and project planning are undertaken collaboratively, allowing everyone’s understanding to evolve in parallel. Making this team multi-disciplinary is important to ensure all dimensions are considered from the earliest stage, and gives each member ownership in moving the project forward.

Important activities include:

  • Scope the project and the change
  • Engage core team members
  • Change strategy and planning
  • Stakeholder identification and further consultation
  • Form consultation groups – including staff, customers and partners as appropriate
  • Communications planning, development, and execution

To find out more about how we approach project implementations, click the button below.


Strategic Planning


Multi Direction

As complexity increases for organisations, managing change progressively is crucial. An agile approach to projects is often appropriate, and allows people to have a greater understanding and implement improvements sooner. This also reduces the risk of rework.

Important activities include:

  • Regular presentations (showcases) to stakeholders to communicate intended changes and receive feedback
  • Working with a cross-functional team to change processes, technology, artefact
  • Testing and verification of changes
  • Implementation and continual improvement

Emergent has developed the Delivery Framework™ to maximise the effectiveness of projects and reduce complexity.

The ultimate implementation of your business change will depend on a host of factors. Our primary aim is to smooth the change curve throughout the project so the final implementation is not too complex and risky. Leading up to go-live or final implementation, we will work with stakeholders to ensure minimisation of risk, constant communication, and readiness for go-live.

Your organisation can reap rewards from your project.



Whether you are new to change management, or want to mature your change capability, we are ready to work with you.

Engage us to provide an excellent starting-point. Our resources, templates, and know-how include:

Change Strategy and Plan

Communications Framework

Agendas and Resources For All Focus Groups and Workshops

Survey Templates

Project Showcase Resources

Sprint Planning and Sprint Retrospective Resources (For Agile Projects)

Project Execution Plan, Benefits Register, Risk Register, Issue Register

Other Project Frameworks and Templates

We can be engaged as independent consultants via any of the models below:

  • Manage the project and change
  • Extend your change capability
  • Provision of independent advisory (flexible hours)

Speak with us in a free consultation, or simply email us today.

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