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Confronting statistics highlight the importance of effective data migration:

  • 83% of data migration projects either fail or exceed their budgets and schedules (Gartner 2017).
  • 80%+ of data migration projects run over time and over budget. Cost overruns an average of roughly 30%. Time overruns at an average of 41% (Bloor Group).
  • Bad data quality costs [larger] organisations an average of $12.9 million per year (Gartner 2021).

At Emergent, we believe that every digital transformation starts with the foundational step of effectively and accurately migrating data. Our data migration / transfer services ensure that your data - one of your organisation's most valuable asset - is seamlessly transitioned, ensuring that the foundation of your digital solution is robust, reliable, and ready for the future.

83% of data migration projects either fail or exceed their budgets and schedules

83% of data migration projects either fail or exceed their budgets (Gartner)

Bad data quality costs [larger] organisations an average of $12.9 million per year

Bad data quality costs [larger] organisations an average of $12.9 million per year

DATA MIGRATION Adelaide. Challenges you can face

Data Migration Adelaide - Whether migrating data to a new IT system or improving data in an existing system, data migration and cleanse is central to success.

The challenges that you might face include:

  • Inconsistent and poor quality data.
  • Multiple data sources with no single, reliable source of truth.
  • Dependence on manual data input.
  • New system launch delays because of migration issues.
  • New system becomes outdated due to continuous updates in the original system.
  • Staff mistrust in the accuracy and reliability of data.
  • Hindered development of reports due to data unavailability.
  • Failure to transfer essential data to the new software.
Our Experience

We have worked with a wide range of systems, including cloud-based and on-premise.

Wherever possible, we will leverage advanced software to prepare and restructure data with minimal human intervention.

Our strategy is to engage your staff in improving data quality while Emergent takes care of the complexity of extracting, transforming, and loading data into your new software as frequently and quickly as is required.


We support successful data migration, with the following stages:


People looking at data

We start by conducting a comprehensive review of your existing data landscape, source systems, requirements for your new software, and understanding your current challenges and future goals.

We create a detailed data migration roadmap, outlining the steps, tools, and timelines to ensure a successful migration.

We form a Data Migration Task Force consisting of subject matter experts and decision makers to ensure people are on the journey and that data quality improves iteratively.

We engage all relevant IT vendors to ensure that we have seamless access to all relevant IT systems, can extract data as needed, and migrate data as seamlessly and frequently as possible.




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With a clear strategy in hand, our team executes the migration process - leveraging our advanced technology and methodologies to ensure accuracy and speed.

We use advanced technology to extract, transform, and load data as quickly as possible.

Our goal will be to position ourselves to load data as quickly and frequently as possible to the new IT software - after transforming it into the format which your new software can ingest.

We validate the data in your new system, conducting rigorous tests to ensure completeness, accuracy, and reliability.

If required, we leverage the business intelligence and reporting tools in your new software to demonstrate how the new software can support your business intelligence needs - rather than waiting until the new software is live.


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The Power of Business Intelligence and Reporting Dashboards

Leading up to, and during the golive period, we load data into the new software as frequently as required to ensure that end users can rely on the new system without the need to manually update the new system.

Plus, our support doesn’t end post-migration; we're here to help with any future needs.


Whether you are new to data migration, or more advanced capabilities, we are ready to work with you.

Engage us to maximise the speed and accuracy of your results. Our technology, frameworks, and know-how include:

Data Migration Plan

Data Task Force Terms of Reference

Data Migration Software

Strategies for Engaging with Technology Providers

Data Import Templates and Mapping Rules

Project Management Plan, Benefits Register, Risk Register, Issue Register

Other Project Frameworks and Templates

Whichever data needs to be migrated, we can work with it, including:

  • Cloud-based software
  • On-premise/local software or databases
  • Spreadsheets
  • Big data
  • Data lakes
  • Documents

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