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Customer Experience Transformation Adelaide - Transforming your Customer Experience (CX) is challenging, complex and can be confronting. Ultimately, the rewards can change an organisation’s trajectory.

90 percent

Top companies compete
primarily on the basis of CX (Forbes)

84 percent

Companies that work to improve their CX
report an increase in their revenue (Dimension Data)

60 percent

Customer-centric companies are 60% more
profitable than companies not focused on CX (PWC)

With Emergent supporting you, your Customer Experience transformation begins with a clearly defined vision for your customer experience and a key question:

What do customers want their experience with your organisation to be?

Successful transformation requires technology, processes, people, culture, and brand to be incrementally aligned. Emergent has developed our Customer Experience Framework™ to make the journey easier and cost-efficient for organisations and industries.


How vital is a focus on CX in the modern economy? These statistics demonstrate it’s an investment worth making.

  • 96% of customers say customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand. (Microsoft)
  • 90% of top companies compete primarily on the basis of customer experience – up from just 36% in 2010 (Forbes)
  • 73% of companies with above-average customer experience perform better financially than their competitors. (Temkin Group | Qualtrics XM Institute)

And CX has a material effect on your customers.

  • 77% of consumers say inefficient customer experiences detract from their quality of life. (PWC)
  • 73% of consumers say a good experience is key in influencing their brand loyalties. (PWC)

Emergent Consulting defines Customer Experience as “the sum of all experiences which a member has with an organisation, and how they perceive their experiences”. It’s much more than just customer service. CX encompasses all experiences with an organisation – the people, brand, technology, even the premises. Hyken puts CX into this broader context:


“Today, 89% of companies compete primarily on the basis of customer experience – up from just 36% in 2010. But while 80% of companies believe they deliver “super experiences,” only 8% of customers agree. In other words, companies have a long way to go.

And, that means there is tremendous opportunity to disrupt a competitor or gain market share in an industry. Everything a brand does – the way it does its marketing, research, advertising and more – all play a role in shaping the customer’s experience. Focusing on customer experience management (CXM) may be the single most important investment a brand can make in today’s competitive business climate.” (Hyken, 2020)

Customer Experience Transformation - Differentiation of your organisation is vital, and the experience you give your customers will determine your long-term success.

To differentiate your organisation your brand, people, business processes, and technology must be aligned, to consistently deliver the experience each customer wants to have. Without aligning all capabilities, an organisation will not meet or exceed customer expectations, and services and offerings will not be fully utilised.

As the figure above highlights, an outstanding customer experience is the intersection of brand, process, technology and people.


Customer Experience Transformation Adelaide. Successful Transformation

Whether you are just starting your CX journey, or moving to the next level, we can work with you through the following stages:


A person-centred approach will be taken to crystalise who customers are as people, what is important for them, how they want to engage with the organisation, the environment they operate within, and how time affects them.

Important activities include:

  • Analyse Current Documentation & Staff Knowledge
  • Recruit Customers
  • Focus Groups
  • Co-Design
  • Surveys
  • Design Thinking Workshops

Once consultation has commenced, extensive analysis can be undertaken, if required, to gain a deep understanding of customers and to design what an outstanding customer experience would look like for them. This is typically commenced while consultation is underway to maximise the value from the consultation process. We like to collaborate with customer and staff working groups during this stage.

Important activities include:

  • Customer Needs Analysis
  • Co-Design Workshops
  • Experience Design
  • Customer & Staff Working Groups


Strategic Planning


5 Star Service

The Customer Experience Blueprint (or Service Blueprint) encompasses what’s important for customers, the journey they want, how they want to engage with the organisation, and how time & environments need to be taken into account. Find out more.

Important activities include:

  • Journey Design
  • Co-Design
  • Blueprint Development
  • Presentations to Stakeholders
  • Business Model Design
  • Infographics

Delivery of the enhanced customer experience will require a change in culture, people, technology, and brand. The Blueprint will clearly define the vision for the CX, and the Roadmap will clearly define how it will be progressively implemented.

We will work with a cross-section of stakeholders to determine required changes to business capabilities, what initiatives will be required, prioritisation, and next steps. We will work together, communicate constantly, implement in an agile way, and measure the realisation of benefits.

Your organisation can reap rewards which come from CX.

Important activities include:

  • Capability Assessment
  • Roadmap Development
  • Incremental / Agile Implementation
  • Benefits Realisation




Emergent has the Customer Experience Framework™ which enhances and speeds up stakeholder consultation, customer experience design, and implementation planning.

The Framework includes:

  • Experience Lab™ to provide a structured approach and ensure that current information can be utilised as effectively as possible.
  • 6 Facets of Customer Experience™ to ensure that all facets are considered in the design process.
  • Pre-built surveys to capture valuable input from customers and staff.
  • Blueprint enables the future state customer experience to be clearly defined, and also crystallisation of who customers are as people. comprehensive and modular.
  • Project Lab™ to guide the process for planning the incremental implementation of the enhanced customer experience.
Pre-built Surveys

We can be engaged as independent consultants via any of the models below:

  • Manage and Deliver the Project
  • Deliver Specific Stages of the Project
  • Independent Advisory (Flexible Hours)
  • Speak with us about your requirements and the way you would like to work with us.
Models for engaging Emergent Consulting
Consulting Services

Whether you are new to customer experience or have already commenced the journey of transformation, we are ready to work with you.

Our frameworks and know-how enable us to work with clients in different ways to deliver the desired outcomes.

Customer Experience Framework™

Templates for Journey Mapping

Project Initiation Document and Project Schedule

Agendas and resources for all focus groups and workshops

Project Execution Plan, Benefits Register, Risk Register, Issue Register, Budget Tracker

Survey Templates

Change Management Plan and Communications Plan

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