About Emergent

Emergent Consulting is an Australian business consulting firm. With a difference. We deliver frequent results for our clients’ staff and customers.

Founded in 2015, we have always been passionate about improving life for both customers and staff. Organisations have a significant impact on human lives. If we improve organisations, we will be able to improve life for the people which the organisations serve. That is ultimately why we exist.

We exist to make life better for the customers and staff of our clients.

Fully equipped to run projects remotely, on-site, or hybrid. We are unlimited by geography. COVID in many ways has opened people’s eyes to how great projects can be delivered by geographically dispersed teams. In fact, we have found that projects are often more efficient and rapid when delivered virtually. If restrictions permit we do attend client sites for the most important face-to-face meetings.

Before we share specifics of what we do and how we do it, it’s important that we highlight how we measure success.

We measure our success based on the success of our clients, and the value they deliver to their customers and staff.

We are passionate about enabling your vision, ideas, and ambitions. We have years of experience across many industries and are driven to make a difference. We strive to empower our clients, like you.

Our vision, mission and values are summarised below – and they are foundational to all we do.


“Streamline business and technology for the benefit of customers and staff.”


“Our clients deliver outstanding experiences for their customers.”


Outstanding Customer Experiences
Innovative Leaders
Collective Wealth

Our value proposition resonates with industry because we provide:

  • Many years of know-how and insightful knowledge.
  • Consulting engagements that are high in value and cost-effective.
  • Superior documentation and expertise.
  • Knowledge of 50+ software solutions which are relevant to this industry.
  • Positive relationships with software vendors and the ability to support effective outcomes for clients.
  • An extensive network of contractors and experts who have worked in the industry and understand the complexities and challenges.

Challenges we Solve

There are many challenges which organisations face, and complexity is increasing.

We can assist you overcome the following challenges.

Cost Increase

  • Transient workforce
  • Increased regulation (audits, accreditation, compliance, government reporting)
  • Pandemic impacts and response

Customer & Staff Expectations

  • 89% of top businesses compete primarily on customer experience
  • 73% of consumers say a good experience is key in influencing their brand loyalties
  • 14% of employees are engaged across Australia & NZ (Gallup)

Technology Complexity

  • Technology complexity is on the rise
  • Implementations are increasingly complexity
  • System integration is often immature or non-existent
  • IT project success rates are increasing, however there is room for improvement


  • Volumes of data are increasing, and advanced software is required
  • Australian businesses ranked as “Laggards” in a global business intelligence study (Melbourne Uni)
  • Australian companies were projected to spend $1.3 billion on BI in 2020, up 13.8% from 2019

Our Services

We work with organisations to align people, processes, and technology to deliver an outstanding customer experience. We have many years of know-how and insightful knowledge; deliver consulting engagements that are high in value and cost-effective; and provide superior documentation and expertise.

We provide services in the following areas:

Infographic Emergent Problems and Solutions Outcomes scaled

View our Capability Statement below to find out how we streamline business and technology, for your customers & employees alike.

Industry Experience

We have extensive experience across many industries and with various technologies. We can assist clients across a whole spectrum of needs


Administrative and Support Services


Education and Training

Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services

Financial and Insurance Services

Health Care and Social Assistance

Information Media and Telecommunications


Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

Public Administration and Safety

Retail Trade

Technology Experience

Enterprise Resource Planning

Customer Relationship Management

Care Systems

Rostering & Service Delivery

Business Intelligence


Enterprise Content Management

Customer Portal

Operations Management

Our Unique Approach

We take a big picture approach with all client projects. 

Big Picture

Early in the process we developed a shared understanding of the issues, priorities, scope, and a compelling vision of the future state.

Tangible Outcomes

We think in terms of tangible outcomes for stakeholder groups. There are many outcomes we can deliver in the short-term so you can receive benefits ASAP.

Change and Agility

Nothing stays the same for long, and we move forward in an agile way, build change maturity within your organisation, and deliver long-term benefits.

Emergent has developed a range of frameworks and software applications to maximise client value and increase access to business benefits.

The software applications and frameworks we use includes the following, used under license from Emergent Laboratories Pty Ltd.




Post-Implementation Lab™

Our Team

Our team is highly capable and offers significant experience across a range of disciplines including Strategy, Project Management, Business Analysis, Change Management, Data Analytics, Training. We work with other businesses that are equipped to make our clients successful.

Anthony Butler

Anthony Butler

Managing Director and Founder

Anthony has 20+ years of corporate experience across a broad range of sectors having held consulting positions in significant change projects.

He has a proven ability to deliver effective and innovative business outcomes and has worked with diverse groups of stakeholders to solve a range of business challenges. He takes a hands-on approach and brings a creative, adaptable attitude along with years of experience across many industries.

Anthony is a ScrumMaster, PRINCE2 Practitioner, and Business Process Master.


Sarah Beaumont

Sarah Beaumont

Consulting Manager

Sarah is the Consulting Manager with Emergent. Sarah has close to 20 years of experience across the aged care, community services, and computer software industries. She has undertaken many projects in the aged and community services industry; with experience in business analysis, customer experience design, process improvement, and change management.

She is highly skilled in engaging and communicating with stakeholders at all levels of an organisation. She is also an effective problem solver capable of applying logical, critical, and creative thinking to a range of problems. Sarah is highly organised, self-motivated and able to quickly grasp new concepts.

Sarah is a Certified Change Practitioner (Prosci) and has a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. 

Kerry Jaffer

Kerry Jaffer

Senior Consultant

Kerry is a Senior Consultant with Emergent. Kerry has 20+ years of experience in Aged Care, Disability Care, Market Research, and Government.

She has worked with all levels of the organisation, and assisted organisations implement a wide variety of changes, including software implementations, business improvement, continuous improvement, and portfolio management.

Kerry is extremely versatile and capable of performing a variety of roles in parallel, including Project Management, Change Management, and Business Analysis. Kerry holds a Graduate Diploma in Project Management and Diploma in Frontline Management.


Andrea Escalante

Andrea Escalante

Senior Consultant

Andrea is a Senior Consultant with Emergent. Andrea has over 15 years of experience across logistics, supply chain, and tourism. She has undertaken many projects involving business improvement, operational excellence, and software implementation; with experience in business analysis, project management, process improvement, and business intelligence.

She combines problem solving skills with advanced analytical skills with innovation and continuous improvement methodologies. She has successfully redesigned operating models and driven business improvement in complex environments. Andrea loves working with people and delivering outstanding results within the constraints.

Karan Kapadia

Karan Kapadia


Karan is a Consultant with Emergent. Karan is a highly competent and experienced consultant with 4 years of experience in the Retail, Information Technology, and Service industries. He has worked with a wide variety of stakeholder groups – from senior managers to operational staff. He has assisted organisations to implement systems, develop reporting dashboards, improve processes, and test software for quality.

He has a proven ability to uncover insights from data and ensure IT solutions are effective for end users. Karan’s smarts and ability to work with a wide range of people makes him a valuable member of the team.

Karan is soon to complete his Master of Information Technology (Enterprise Management) with UniSA, and holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai.

Reece Richardson

Reece Richardson


Reece is a highly competent and experienced consultant with over 15 years of experience in the Telecommunications, Internet Services, and Facilities Management industries. He has worked with diverse stakeholders developing extensive management reporting solutions based upon large data sets. He has assisted organisations in understanding their customers, sales, and operations more deeply.

He has a proven ability to provide clarity and new understanding from data. Reece’s experience and skills make him a valuable member of the team.

Reece holds Certificate 4 in Information Technology and is completing a Bachelor of Computer Science.

Our Extensive Network

Our Extensive Network

We have an extensive network of trusted partner organisations and contractors to maximise your success.

Our network includes contractors, professional service businesses, and software vendors.

Professional service businesses we collaborate with include Software Development, Integration, Search Engine Optimisation, Digital Marketing, and other specialist areas.

We have relationships with many commercial-off-the-shelf software companies, and knowledge of their products.

Our Values

We value Relationships: Respect, Integrity, Collaboration, Team, and Family.

We create outstanding Customer Experiences: Understand customers and build experiences they will value. Work together to build a better future for customers and the team.

We are Innovative Leaders: Use leading practices and thinking to deliver value ASAP and remove pain points. Do what’s best, not simply what’s common.

We support Collective Wealth: Use resources for the collective good.

Working With Us

Our values manifest in what it is like for clients and stakeholders to work with us each day.


Efficient projects and frequent results

Excellent business outcomes

Engagement is virtual or face-to-face

Communication is open and transparent

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Adelaide, South Australia

+61 8 8257 9104

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