What a month! The COVID situation is improving in Australia with a significant reduction of active cases in the last fortnight. We are fortunate considering the overall response by the Federal and state governments, and the community. The Australian fiscal response is second only to Qatar, and economic recovery will likely be gradual.

“Australia outspent every other country – except Qatar – with the government’s $214 billion fiscal response to COVID-19 pandemic, a new analysis found. In direct fiscal stimulus, Australia is spending 10.6 per cent of GDP” (Australian Financial Review)

That said, Australian business confidence is increasing (from -14 in July to -8 in August [Trading Economics]), and the unemployment rate is lower than many expected.

With the road of recovery ahead, our challenge in business will be striking the right balance between short-term and longer-term needs. How do we respond to the current circumstances while building for the longer-term? This could be a good discussion for a future email.

Let’s be vigilant, continue the good practices we’ve adopted since early in the pandemic, and leverage the valuable experience that we have gained.

Please take care, stay safe, and find some inspiration below.


Proprietary software for streamlining projects

Few organisations take the necessary steps to optimise practices and technology after implementing software solutions. You can learn from their mistakes.

Because the brutal truth is that this can leave them worse off than before.

We know how complex it can be rolling out new software across an organisation with so many variables, moving parts, and often a lot of assumed knowledge.

Between vendors, IT staff, service providers and your employees there are a lot of potential gaps in understanding – and it’s usually no-one’s fault. It’s the result of people with genuinely good intentions often not communicating at the same level, without even realising it.

At Emergent, we can oversee the process from upfront planning through to go-live support.

Even better, our experience consulting businesses across Australia has enabled us to create software expressly to maximise value and reduce costs for our clients. In providing solutions, we’ve developed a range of adaptable proprietary software applications including:

Proprietary Software

And the list is growing!

We’ve worked across CRM, customer portal, ERP, rostering, clinical, operations management, and many more.

Or course, it’s not simply the software. It’s critical staff are trained and comfortable using the new systems. Stressed employees will have a detrimental impact on the customer experience you offer, and this is one area none of us can afford to get wrong. We’re able to liaise with vendors, executives, IT departments and employees to ensure things happen smoothly.

When we say we’re passionate about streamlining business and technology at Emergent Consulting …well, we’ve built our own software to ensure it can be done efficiently!

If you’d like to discuss how our software implementation experience could assist your organisation, contact Anthony at anthony@emergentco.com.au.

The Emergent Vision

‘Our clients deliver outstanding customer experiences’

‘Emergent’ means in the process of coming into being or becoming prominent. We want our clients and their ideas to become more prominent, and we believe this can be achieved by delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Do you feel your customer experience is as good as it should be? It may have been a while since the customer experience you offer has been evaluated by the business. We can help you emerge to become known as a leader in your industry.

When we work with you, we build a relationship on respect, integrity and collaboration. And we do what’s best, not just what’s common. Because at Emergent Consulting, we measure our success based on the success of our clients.

What Caught our Eye…

Which books are other business leaders reading this year?



The benefits of actively designing meetings, via strategy+business:



A colour trip through New York City in 1911:

Amazing to think this is over 100 years ago, but everything is so familiar to us:



‘We must not become immune to the pandemic’s heavy death toll’:


  • There’s a paywall for this article, but as a subscriber I can share a valuable quote: “The world is on track to soon exceed a million deaths from covid-19. It is a number we shouldn’t become blasé about”.
  • It’s a good reminder to use indicators to inform ourselves – without becoming blasé.
  • Sometimes we look at the live indicators on Worldometer to give ourselves a reality check.

We’d love to hear your ideas, comments, and feedback to anything in today’s email. It could even be featured in a future Emergent email! Send your thoughts to hello@emergentco.com.au.

Until next time,
Anthony Butler and the Emergent Consulting team