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Overcome Change Fatigue and Achieve

Are you feeling fatigued from change? You are not alone. Change fatigue can be a significant challenge during times like the ones we are going through. Many organisations need alternative strategies to overcome fatigue. Even when the current difficulties are over, we...

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The Not-For-Profit Paradox

For-profit or not-for-profit? Is that the question? Perhaps not! All organisations need to make a profit over a sustained period. Without profit, an organisation will be restricted, and eventually cease. We'd probably laugh if we called organisation 'For-Loss' or...

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See value right under your nose

What if valuable resources are right under our noses, and we don’t recognise them for what they are! This may be more common than we realise. To use a simple example, I went to the post office a few days ago and it occurred to me that I use their service every day of...

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Embrace Change as the Norm

Change is accelerating on many fronts. Economic, organisational, political, social, cultural. Change is now inevitable for organisations, and needs to become 'core business'. For too long, organisational change has been viewed too distinctly from other activities....

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Untangle the Technology Web

Technology is becoming more complex within organisations, that's for sure. In this post we will strategies for dealing with this complexity. We trust you will gain considerable value from this.. Some of the problems we see are: Current software is seen as the problem,...

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Put your Customer in the Centre

Customer experience is important - that's a fact. In any environment and conditions. And there is often a gap between the views of customers and business leaders. CEOs often overrate the CX delivered, and their customers have a different view of their experience. We...

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Improve Vision and Decision-Making

Remember when some organisations spoke about 20/20 vision in 2020?! It's been difficult to see far ahead this year - and decision-making has been harder than ever. Wave after wave has hit us. COVID, royal commissions, international trade relations, US Presidential...

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Webinar: Technology is not the Silver Bullet!

Webinar: Technology is not the Silver Bullet!

With the ever-changing needs and obligations of the NDIS, Providers are faced with the goal of constantly responding to changes whilst delivering a seamless Participant experience. Technology is crucial to achieving this. By aligning technology with your business...

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Improve your Organisation in any Climate

Last week the British Government launched an investigation into how an Excel spreadsheet glitch led to nearly 16,000 coronavirus cases going unreported. The spreadsheet was used to report daily figures – and data was missing for several technical reasons (ABC News)!...

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Our clients inspired us to streamline projects

What a month! The COVID situation is improving in Australia with a significant reduction of active cases in the last fortnight. We are fortunate considering the overall response by the Federal and state governments, and the community. The Australian fiscal response is...

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