I worked with Anthony to develop our Regional Engagement Action Plan, and to ensure it aligned with the University of South Australia’s Strategic Plan.

Our partnership proved extremely valuable as Anthony had the tools, techniques and resources to enable conversations to go in a certain way, ensuring the information collected was relevant and would assist us in the process.

By partnering with Anthony, we were able to achieve our goals. We were more productive in our conversations with key stakeholders, which added credibility to what we were doing, and in turn enabled greater buy-in.

Anthony would take data from meetings and identify key patterns and trends and we could then develop a plan to move forward. He’s exceptional at being able to synthesise all of the information we gathered into a clear and concise document. Importantly Anthony would always look to clarify and confirm the direction I wanted to go with the plan. He understood the need to listen and respond, and was expert at managing this throughout the life of the project.

Working with Anthony meant I was exposed to a level of leadership and process expertise which I can now apply to projects I am leading with stakeholders.

It really was a positive working collaboration.

Paul Havelberg

Paul Havelberg

Regional Manager, University of South Australia