We enlisted Anthony after identifying problems with rostering of fieldworkers. Anthony fulfilled my expectations and more.

He brought a clear process and an understanding of the environment; which really value-added as he knew what had to be addressed.

He held a workshop with a team from across the organisation to brainstorm issues and my staff in the room called it ‘one of the best things they’ve done’.

From this he delivered a report with clear analysis – a critically – clear actions. His report dropped into an action plan with significant changes we were able to implement quickly, and actually see improvements.

I implemented everything suggested by Anthony across HR, rostering, policy implementation and training.

All this and the review only took a week.

Working with Anthony was an excellent experience, and I’ve already recommended Anthony to other businesses I work with. I don’t think there’s many people in Australia with the skill set to do what Anthony does.

Claire Vernon

Claire Vernon

Past CEO of JewishCare NSW