We engaged Emergent because they came highly recommended by someone else they had worked with. At Kalyra we were at a point where we needed to take a structured approach to find software solutions and then move forward to implementation.

There were specific systems we were looking at implementing: a Home Care software solution, opportunities we had to improve system integration across the business, and also looking at developing a mobile app as a consumer portal.

Working with Anthony and the Emergent team we were able to identify what our needs were and then measure those needs against criteria of what we considered Must Have, and which would be Should Haves. From this, we were able to build a formal presentation.

We then engaged Emergent further to assist in preparing an organisational implementation and planning study using the data.

We looked at which issues could be sorted, and they partnered with our integration team in working out which systems to integrate, and which of the fields in each of the systems would work. On the journey with Emergent, we identified further systems to integrate along the way.

With the three projects running concurrently they assisted us in determining roles and responsibilities, and with training staff within our organisation. We’re looking forward to going live over the next few months.

Throughout the process, Emergent was accommodating and flexible, always able to put meetings on hold as situations arose, particularly around Covid. They were able to lower their demands on us and continue working in the background.

Anthony and his team were personable, engaged with the project and very good at keeping the team on track and following up on items. They would prompt and support our team as required and were flexible with reporting requirements to the Board.

Director Corporate Services and Project Sponsor

Kristy Newman