What we found with Anthony is that he didn’t come to us with a process where he had the solution already.
Once we engaged him, he consulted really well with our team as he wanted to initially understand the
challenges we faced and the tech issues we needed to solve.

He brought a team of good people with him in Sarah and Karan. They were the experts he introduced to the
the process at the right time.

It was more of a partnership style approach working with Emergent, where they would engage with us to
listen and understand and then bring options and recommendations – rather than sitting at a distance and
throwing their ideas at us.

Together they helped us map a way forward, and it was up to us which elements we acted on, and when we
did it. They could see significant improvements we could implement that would mitigate problems as we

Working in Aged Care we face the problem of being so immersed in what we’re doing – especially over the
last few years – and at the moment the volume of work is unbelievable. It can be really hard to step outside
that and see the bigger picture. But working with Anthony and the Emergent team we found he allowed
us to do that, and then to focus back on our work as he could manage projects himself.

His ability to build relationships with our staff allowed him to identify some quick wins which meant we
could build momentum and trust in the process. It was Emergent’s clear strategy to look at our organisation
through both lenses: the quick wins to build confidence and making sure they fed into the overall process as
we went.

Rob Heinjus
Rob Heinjus
Previously Executive Manager Home Care Services, Helping Hand Aged Care
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