Covid-19 meant Diabetes SA couldn’t undertake our usual face-to-face delivery of education programs and services to our member base and the wider South Australian community. What we needed was a stop gap solution that enabled us to continue to deliver information and education whilst also meeting any contractual obligations.

With Anthony we found we could quickly implement an online webinar series for our members, implement an online education program and through this process we identified how we could expand the channels of our education program delivery and member engagement.

The best thing about working with Anthony was his ability to help us deliver in a time of real uncertainty.

With all our staff working from home Anthony was able to bring our teams together through a project management focus involving our staff in the development and delivery of the identified projects. The approach certainly brought our internal teams closer together, even though we were working apart.

Anthony’s background enabled us to explore the ‘customer experience’ and from this we were able to map customer journeys that will now influence the way we engage with our customers and members. Through this process we identified the need for an online learning management system and a member portal and have now with Anthony’s expertise sought proposals from suppliers to meet our system and functional requirements.

He’s quick to pick up knowledge and implement processes, workshops and surveys. He knows his tools and is prepared for project management, with ideas and templates ready to go. He was also able introduce us to different suppliers and guide decision-making.

Anthony is time-conscious, considerate and seeks everybody’s involvement. He’s a really good facilitator in that sense and forms good relationships with people, including members. He’s not precious. He acted on our feedback, with an eye for detail reflected in the accuracy of information he presented.

He identified other areas the business could improve which were of no personal benefit to him, and was genuinely interested in how things progressed beyond the delivery of the work he was engaged to undertake.

After just 12 or 13 weeks, it felt like Anthony understood our business – and we’ve seen people take many months to get there.

Angelique Pasalidis

CEO of Diabetes SA

Angelique Pasalidis

Matthew Casburn

Executive Manager Corporate Services of Diabetes SA

Matthew Casburn