Some of the testimonials our team members have received are below.


Helping Hand Aged Care

What we found with Anthony is that he didn’t come to us with a process where he had the solution already.
Once we engaged him, he consulted really well with our team as he wanted to initially understand the
challenges we faced and the tech issues we needed to solve.

He brought a team of good people with him in Sarah and Karan. They were the experts he introduced to the
the process at the right time.

It was more of a partnership style approach working with Emergent, where they would engage with us to
listen and understand and then bring options and recommendations – rather than sitting at a distance and
throwing their ideas at us.

Together they helped us map a way forward, and it was up to us which elements we acted on, and when we
did it. They could see significant improvements we could implement that would mitigate problems as we

Working in Aged Care we face the problem of being so immersed in what we’re doing – especially over the
last few years – and at the moment the volume of work is unbelievable. It can be really hard to step outside
that and see the bigger picture. But working with Anthony and the Emergent team we found he allowed
us to do that, and then to focus back on our work as he could manage projects himself.

His ability to build relationships with our staff allowed him to identify some quick wins which meant we
could build momentum and trust in the process. It was Emergent’s clear strategy to look at our organisation
through both lenses: the quick wins to build confidence and making sure they fed into the overall process as
we went.

Rob Heinjus
Rob Heinjus
Previously Executive Manager Home Care Services, Helping Hand Aged Care
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Kalyra Business Transformation

We engaged Emergent because they came highly recommended by someone else they had worked with. At Kalyra we were at a point where we needed to take a structured approach to find software solutions and then move forward to implementation.

There were specific systems we were looking at implementing: a Home Care software solution, opportunities we had to improve system integration across the business, and also looking at developing a mobile app as a consumer portal.

Working with Anthony and the Emergent team we were able to identify what our needs were and then measure those needs against criteria of what we considered Must Have, and which would be Should Haves. From this, we were able to build a formal presentation.

We then engaged Emergent further to assist in preparing an organisational implementation and planning study using the data.

We looked at which issues could be sorted, and they partnered with our integration team in working out which systems to integrate, and which of the fields in each of the systems would work. On the journey with Emergent, we identified further systems to integrate along the way.

With the three projects running concurrently they assisted us in determining roles and responsibilities, and with training staff within our organisation. We’re looking forward to going live over the next few months.

Throughout the process, Emergent was accommodating and flexible, always able to put meetings on hold as situations arose, particularly around Covid. They were able to lower their demands on us and continue working in the background.

Anthony and his team were personable, engaged with the project and very good at keeping the team on track and following up on items. They would prompt and support our team as required and were flexible with reporting requirements to the Board.

Director Corporate Services and Project Sponsor

Kristy Newman


Diabetes SA LMS and Portal Testimonial

Covid-19 meant Diabetes SA couldn’t undertake our usual face-to-face delivery of education programs and services to our member base and the wider South Australian community. What we needed was a stop gap solution that enabled us to continue to deliver information and education whilst also meeting any contractual obligations.

With Anthony we found we could quickly implement an online webinar series for our members, implement an online education program and through this process we identified how we could expand the channels of our education program delivery and member engagement.

The best thing about working with Anthony was his ability to help us deliver in a time of real uncertainty.

With all our staff working from home Anthony was able to bring our teams together through a project management focus involving our staff in the development and delivery of the identified projects. The approach certainly brought our internal teams closer together, even though we were working apart.

Anthony’s background enabled us to explore the ‘customer experience’ and from this we were able to map customer journeys that will now influence the way we engage with our customers and members. Through this process we identified the need for an online learning management system and a member portal and have now with Anthony’s expertise sought proposals from suppliers to meet our system and functional requirements.

He’s quick to pick up knowledge and implement processes, workshops and surveys. He knows his tools and is prepared for project management, with ideas and templates ready to go. He was also able introduce us to different suppliers and guide decision-making.

Anthony is time-conscious, considerate and seeks everybody’s involvement. He’s a really good facilitator in that sense and forms good relationships with people, including members. He’s not precious. He acted on our feedback, with an eye for detail reflected in the accuracy of information he presented.

He identified other areas the business could improve which were of no personal benefit to him, and was genuinely interested in how things progressed beyond the delivery of the work he was engaged to undertake.

After just 12 or 13 weeks, it felt like Anthony understood our business – and we’ve seen people take many months to get there.

Angelique Pasalidis

CEO of Diabetes SA

Angelique Pasalidis

Matthew Casburn

Executive Manager Corporate Services of Diabetes SA

Matthew Casburn

UniSA Regional Action Plan Testimonial

I worked with Anthony to develop our Regional Engagement Action Plan, and to ensure it aligned with the University of South Australia’s Strategic Plan.

Our partnership proved extremely valuable as Anthony had the tools, techniques and resources to enable conversations to go in a certain way, ensuring the information collected was relevant and would assist us in the process.

By partnering with Anthony, we were able to achieve our goals. We were more productive in our conversations with key stakeholders, which added credibility to what we were doing, and in turn enabled greater buy-in.

Anthony would take data from meetings and identify key patterns and trends and we could then develop a plan to move forward. He’s exceptional at being able to synthesise all of the information we gathered into a clear and concise document. Importantly Anthony would always look to clarify and confirm the direction I wanted to go with the plan. He understood the need to listen and respond, and was expert at managing this throughout the life of the project.

Working with Anthony meant I was exposed to a level of leadership and process expertise which I can now apply to projects I am leading with stakeholders.

It really was a positive working collaboration.

Paul Havelberg

Paul Havelberg

Regional Manager, University of South Australia


Jewish Care Business Review Testimonial

We enlisted Anthony after identifying problems with rostering of fieldworkers. Anthony fulfilled my expectations and more.

He brought a clear process and an understanding of the environment; which really value-added as he knew what had to be addressed.

He held a workshop with a team from across the organisation to brainstorm issues and my staff in the room called it ‘one of the best things they’ve done’.

From this he delivered a report with clear analysis – a critically – clear actions. His report dropped into an action plan with significant changes we were able to implement quickly, and actually see improvements.

I implemented everything suggested by Anthony across HR, rostering, policy implementation and training.

All this and the review only took a week.

Working with Anthony was an excellent experience, and I’ve already recommended Anthony to other businesses I work with. I don’t think there’s many people in Australia with the skill set to do what Anthony does.

Claire Vernon

Claire Vernon

Past CEO of JewishCare NSW

SunCare Strategic Planning Testimonial

There’s always a degree of apprehension bringing an outside consultant in, but based on previous work with Anthony on process design I knew he was the right person for assisting with our Strategic Plan for 2016-2020. We engaged Anthony to bring in new ideas we could implement in the home healthcare sector. My team and I were able to work on content knowing Anthony was focussed on the process side.

Anthony challenged our expectations and worked with us to develop a ‘one-page strategic plan’ that would provide a better outcome. With a single-page design, someone new is able to come into the organisation, understand our goals, and the actions and strategies needed to achieve them.

After engaging with Anthony, we took the results to the Board as a participative process and they were very supportive of the work we’d done. An overview has now been presented to over 400 staff across Queensland.

Anthony’s very easy to get along with. He’s quick to understand the situation and the business and puts a lot of effort into doing research beforehand. He arrived prepared and was thoughtful and insightful in his contributions.

As a result, we developed a new and adaptive plan; a roadmap for the business. He gave us a platform with a broad scope, solidifying our vision, purpose and values.

Russell Mason

Russell Mason

CEO of SunCare Community Services

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