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If you are embarking on a software implementation, your organisation is taking a very important step. It is crucial to implement the system well and ensure buy-in and embedded across the organisation. There are many good software solutions relevant to each industry, and it’s important to select the right solution for your organisation and establish a positive relationship and contract with the vendor organsiation. Emergent Consulting has knowledge of many software solutions. Our experience, coupled with our industry know-how, will make it possible for you to implement faster and maximise stakeholder engagement.

Whether you are upgrading or implementing for the first time, the Emergent team can work with you, vendors and suppliers to streamline implementation and receive the greater value from the software. Implementations are notably difficult, and the risk of failure/ underperformance is high unless effective strategies are employed.


ERP implementations fail the first time around (2020)

Software we have knowledge of

Challenges you can face

Whether you are upgrading software or implementing a new system, the Emergent team can work with you to streamline implementation and receive the greater value from the software. Implementations are notably difficult, and the risk of failure/underperformance is high unless effective strategies are employed.

The challenges that you might face include:

  • Project scoping is unclear.
  • Lack of clarity regarding which software vendors should be engaged.
  • A comprehensive, efficient and transparent Request for Proposal (RFP) process is difficult to run.
  • Your internal team doesn’t have all required knowledge and skills to execute the project within desired timeframes.
  • Tight internal resources make it difficult to achieve project milestones with required quality and engagement.
  • External contractors don’t have industry-specific experience and/or aren’t available full-time.
  • Staff may disengage, or at worst resist, the project for a whole range of reasons.
  • Migration of data from legacy systems to the new software is difficult to achieve with required quality.
  • External stakeholders, including customers, Government, and suppliers, may be impacted.
  • Implementations are more expensive or later than necessary.
  • There is risk of time and cost overruns.

Our experience

By working in collaboration, we can implement software on time, within budget, and ensure that stakeholders engage positively with the changes.

We have industry experience across aged & community care, education, banking, financial services, mining, oil and gas, professional services.

We have technology experience across: Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Care Systems, Rostering & Service Delivery, Customer Portals, Staff Portals, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Content Management, Operations Management, Integration.

Successful Implementation

Whether you are implementing Epicor for the first time, or upgrading, we can work with you through the following stages:

Initiate, Scope & Plan

Initiating the project right is critical, and prior experience can enable maximum success. We will work with key stakeholders to understand business issues, and the vendor to set the vision, define the project, and engage staff well from the outset.

We will define business requirements, develop an understanding of current technologies, and consult staff and customers to develop a shared understanding of where we are headed.

We recommend an agile approach to projects to minimise risk, implement changes sooner, and reduce complexity.

If your project has direct impacts on the customer experience – we recommend a customer experience design and implementation process. Find out more about how we go about this.

Project Planner

Software Selection

Running an effective software selection process will ensure the appropriate software solutions are procured, with best contract terms, and provide a foundation for effective project delivery.

We will engage software providers in a selection process which is effective and shows integrity, and engage staff and consumers in the selection process.

We will work together determine which solutions meet the needs and vision of the organisation, across the relevant scope. This will ensure our ability to compare software solutions holistically and in relation to one another. You will be able to determine which vendors have ability to deliver the required solution(s); and determine ability of each vendor to integrate with other solutions of interest.

Ultimately, we will determine which software provider(s) will be the best fit for the organisation; and ensure long-term product effectiveness, scalability, and extendibility.

Software Selection compact

​​Configure & Test

Effective software configuration is critical to the success of the project. We will work with key staff and the vendor to configure the software well, and develop essential reports and customisations if required.

We will commence training and testing early to ensure staff are knowledgeable, and software is working as expected.

Configuration compact

Migrate Data

The complexity and risk associated with data migration is high, and it is typically unfamiliar territory for organisations.

We will work with vendor staff and your staff to ensure successful data migration.

Data Migration compact

​​Process Improvement

Processes will need to change to ensure that the new software is used effectively. We have intimate knowledge of how processes should be designed, and will work with your staff to ensure buy-in and knowledge transfer.

Business Process Stock

​​Training and Change Management

Staff (and in some cases, customers and suppliers) will ultimately need to use the new software in their day-to-day activities. Their comfort, engagement and ownership are crucial.

We will initiate training preparation and delivery early so that stakeholders have a working knowledge of the software to minimise the likelihood of change management difficulties.

Training Compact

​​Go-Live & Optimise

Successful go-lives depend on a host of factors and it will be our primary aim to smooth the change curve throughout the project. Leading up to go-live, we will work with all stakeholders to ensure minimisation of risk, constant communication, and readiness for go-live.

Golive compact

Notice of Non-Affiliation and Disclaimer

Emergent Consulting is an independent consultancy. We are not affiliated, associated, authorised, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with software vendors, other than Zoho Corporation for implementation of their Analytics software. All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

We are Go-Live Ready

Whether implementing software for the first time, or upgrading, we are ready to work with you.

Engage us to provide an excellent starting-point. Our resources, templates, and know-how includes:


Project Initiation Document and Project Schedule

Business process flows

Project Execution Plan, Benefits Register, Risk Register, Issue Register, Budget Tracker

Training materials

Change Management Plan

User acceptance testing

Communications Plan

Recommended software customisations

Business Intelligence foundations

Cutover Plan

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