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Occupations in Australia (NEW)

There are 3,000+ occupations in Australia according to an ABS study (2019). When our children, friends, or even ourselves, are exploring career prospects, it’s good to be equipped with information regarding incomes and the number of people in relevant occupations. We have created the following dashboard to achieve just this.

Occupations Dashboard

Higher Education in Australia 

Higher education in Australia has been important for the nation and the international community for many years. Quality education coupled with employment outcomes produce tangible benefits. However, COVID has introduced many new challenges for the industry. We will monitor the ongoing effects.

Higher Education Dashboard

Dementia in Australia

Dementia is a leading cause of death in Australia according to AIHW, and people impacted by dementia deserve personalised care. We hope the following dashboard deepens your understanding of the disease.

Dementia Dashboard

Aged Care Industry Dashboard

The aged care industry is a top priority for Australia – considering the ageing population, client satisfaction, and management of health risks. There is great need for reform, and collaboration and knowledge sharing will be vital.

Aged Care Dashboard

Disability Industry Dashboard

The disability industry is growing and vital to many Australian families. The more the industry is simplified and streamlined, the better for Australians.

Disability Industry Dashboard

Software Comparison Dashboard

We have examined 60+ applications relevant to the Care industry. Please book a complimentary workshop (click to book) to explore the relevant software.

Software Comparison Dashboard
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Improve your Organisation in any Climate

Improve your Organisation in any Climate

Last week the British Government launched an investigation into how an Excel spreadsheet glitch led to nearly 16,000 coronavirus cases going unreported. The spreadsheet was used to report daily figures – and data was missing for several technical reasons (ABC News)!...

Our clients inspired us to streamline projects

Our clients inspired us to streamline projects

What a month! The COVID situation is improving in Australia with a significant reduction of active cases in the last fortnight. We are fortunate considering the overall response by the Federal and state governments, and the community. The Australian fiscal response is...

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