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With streams of complex data, it’s important to be able to understand what’s happening in your organisation. In 2022, Statista forecasts that organisations will spend $382 billion Australian dollars on business intelligence and big data.

COVID-19 and market forces have driven organisations to become more effective at harnessing their data for decision-making, and made the business world more complex for most other organisations.

Many business leaders want to improve their business intelligence and reporting but come across many roadblocks. The Emergent team has made the process extremely quick and successful for many clients.

The statistics speak for themselves!

Global spending on BI and Big Data in 2022 (Statista)

The Emergent team has harnessed powerful software such as Microsoft Power BI and Zoho Analytics to build and implement amazing reporting dashboards. Depending on the desire for features and tolerance for price, either of these solutions will be valuable. Our team also has skills with other BI software, however we find that Power BI and Zoho Analytics cover most bases.

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Imagine the Benefits

With today’s technology, the following benefits could be enjoyed by you in weeks or months.

​​Insights in a flash

You can access any data source – databases and files – to automatically analyse in Zoho Analytics.


KPIs at your fingertips

Analyse your data further by interacting with visuals and tables in Zoho Analytics.

Spreadsheet-like interface

Artificial Intelligence grunt work

Dashboards and reporting have never been easier than with Zoho Analytics. Creation of reporting requires drag and drop for simpler reports; and a little more time for complex reports.

Artificial Intelligence

​​Forecast with ease

Prepare for future events with smart forecasting. Zoho predicts future trends based on past data.

Forecast with Zoho Analytics

Engage Your Team

Create dashboards and reports and share them with colleagues, and access dashboards and reports developed by others.

Share dashboards and reports

Our Process

We take a four-step process with clients.


We work with executives to understand their drivers, ambitions, and current pain points.

Then working with IT staff and SMEs, we quickly collect data for analysis and connecting with dashboard software.


Using our foundation reporting dashboards we rapidly tailor them for the client and build additional insights that are possible with the data.

A collaborative process is taken with executives to uncover questions and opportunities. Often quick wins are identified and acted upon. Typically the investment made is paid back within weeks, and sometimes before the official launch of dashboards with other executives and staff.


Once the dashboards are ready, we work with a cross-section of executives and staff to launch dashboards. Our goal is to maximise adoption and rapid decision-making.


Evolution and continuous improvement are inevitable, and we work with the client in whichever way they want to improve decision-making and business performance.

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